Learn the fundamentals of creating the sounds you love with vintage and modern day hardware and software.


Learn how each type of synthesis works, what types of sounds and methods have to offer, and how to “reverse-engineer” synthesizer patches from scratch, and learn about synthesizers like Massive as well as current and classic hardware.

What is a Synthesizer?

Learn about the history of synthesizers, Analog in Ableton - A/B with the Novation Bass Station (hardware synthesizer), and saving & loading patches.

Oscillators & Waveforms

Learn about Oscillators and common waveforms, learn how to analyze a waveform using an Oscilloscope, and learn how to recognize waveforms by ear.

More on Waveforms & Introduction to Filters

Learn more about the variety of Waveforms, Pulse Width Modulation and an get an introduction to Filters.

Filters & Envelope Generators

Learn how to use Filters in Ableton Live (Auto FIlter, EQ-8), an introduction to Envelope Generators, and learn about Applications of Envelopes.


Get an introduction to the LFO, learn about Applications of LFO's, using Oscillator Sync, and cover the master section of Ableton's Analog device.

Harmonics, Spectrum Analyzer and an Introduction to Operator & FM-8

Learn about the Harmonic Series (Overtones), using a Spectrum Analyzer to find out Harmonic content, get an introduction to Operator & FM-8.

More on Operator and Classic FM Synths & Sounds

Learn more about Operator and Analog within an Instrument Rack, Classic FM Synths & Sounds and cover Operator's Envelope section.

Sound Analysis Chart & Creating Percussion with Operator

Learn about the Sound Analysis Chart, how to categorize sounds, and creating percussion using the Operator device.

Reverse Engineering, Collision & Tension

Learn how to reverse engineer a synth patch, and get an introduction to Ableton's Collision & Tension devices.

Introduction to Electric, Simpler & Sampler, Massive, Max For Live

Get an introduction to Electric and Native Instruments Massive, learn about Simpler & Sampler as synthesizers, Max For Live.

More on Massive, Layering and Macros

Learn more about Native Instruments Massive, learn how to layer synthesizer sounds, and creative uses for macros in synth patches.

External MIDI Synthesizers, Other types of Synthesizers and Max For Live Patches

Learn how to use external MIDI synthesizers with Ableton Live, learn about other types of synthesizers (Additive, Wavetable, Phase Distortion, etc.), learn about useful Max for Live patches such as step sequencers.

"If you are interested in creating your own personalized unique synthesized sounds this course is for you! I have a clear understanding of how to control a synth."


"Synthesis has given me a better understanding about sounds in modern music and how they are made. Its opened my mind to a lot more creativity because I understand whats going on when i hear a sound in a particular song and has made it easier for me to recreate or create my own sounds."

Sam S

"This class taught me a lot about synthesis. I now feel way more confident picking up any synth and messing around with it until i get my desired sound. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is looking into production of is already into producing their own music. Knowing how synthesizers work and being able to create the sounds you like its awesome!!!!"

Greyson E

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