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In this course you will learn

Notes, Chords and Scales

The isometric keyboard on the Push allows users to create melodies with ease. The scale function creates a fast way to create melody or bass lines in any key or scale you desire. Learning a few different chord shapes will allow you to play many chords in any scale. The melodic step sequencer is another creative tool for creating baselines and melodic lines you might not normally make.

Drum Programming

Drum programming is one of the many strengths of the Ableton Push. You will learn how to program drums 3 different ways. We start with finger/pad drumming techniques and explain how to setup your loop lengths and quantize settings for best results. Then we create a house beat while explaining step sequencing with the Push. Finally we conclude with the Hybrid Technique of finger/pad drumming and step sequencing. 

Sampling Workflow

Ableton has completely changed the sampling game for producers. The simpler instrument has taken the sampling process on the Push to an incredible new level. Offering a number of new tools inside of simpler along with the ability to warp samples allows us to time stretch instantly and manipulate samples any way we please. Chopping samples is just the beginning, learn to sample fast, from vinyl and other formats.

Recording Audio

There are a number of Push users who also play other instruments like guitar and bass. Understanding how to record and loop with the Push is a real mystery for some users. Learn to how to use a foot pedal to punch in and out and record live instruments with the Push. Mitch also explains how to connect a hardware synth and control it with the Push.

Arranging and Mixing

Learn how to setup your clips in Ableton and learn Mitch’s macro arrangement technique with the Push. Learn what mixing facilities are available to Push users. Being able to meter on the Push 2 has made it much easier to get your mixes to a place where you can fine tune and make your tracks sit properly. The Push turns into a tactile tool for adjusting and tweaking your tracks while processing and working with plugins and vsts.

Live Performance

Taking the Push into a live environment has never been easier. Learn how to integrate other midi controllers and drum machines and see how to come up with strategies that allow you to play the Push like an instrument.

Meet Your Instructor

MITCH LEE - An award winning producer and composer, Mitch is an Ableton Certified Trainer and course developer at Beat Drop. He has produced music for companies like Warner Brothers, ESPN, Oakley, Nissan, Lamborghini, Activision, Nintendo, Adidas and many more. Along with working on his side project "Mr Elastic", Mitch loves that Beat Drop gets to pull the curtains back on the secrets of modern day production and is allowed to mentor the next gen of laptop producers.

What people are saying about this course:

"As someone who had the Push 2 for a few months and was getting pretty good at it on my own, this course was the perfect next step to progressing my skills. It filled in a lot of gaps in my learning and demystified some of the cooler things the Push and Ableton can do. The videos are really well produced and the live interactions with Mitch were awesome and incredibly valuable. I highly recommend this course to beginner and intermediate Push 2 users! "

Jarrod Lentz

"This is absolutely THE course to take on the Ableton Push. Extremely detailed, streamlined and designed for anyone, whether your a complete beginner (like I was) to a more seasoned Push player. I learned everything from drum-programming, step-sequencing, how to sample vinyl's and mp3's, to chord progressions and how to arrange and mix my tracks. So worth the money and the time, and I'm not sure where I'd be without this amazing intro course!"

Anthony Scarpulla

"This course provided several "a ha" moments with the push and music production in general, allowing me to break through some learning barriers that have prevented me in the past from being a true artist/producer. Thanks to the Push 2 and this course, producing music is fun again."

Neil Feldman

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