GRIME PACK - 64 Pad Sample Pack

For this Ableton Sample Pack we drew on a collection of classic and modern gear to recreate the grit synonymous with Grime. Drum sounds were sampled from the Roland's TR-8 and MC-505 and processed to perfection with the vintage Scully 280 Mic Preamp. For added texture on drum sounds were layered with Foley recorded near Beat Drop HQ. Bass lines and lead sounds were crafted with the Korg Trident MkII and Serum. Vocals were recorded through Great River Electronics' MP-2NV Preamp.



The Grime Pack meant to encourage creativity and make jamming on the Push or midi controller of your choice fun and inspiring.


This pack like our others was made special for the Ableton Push. It takes advantage of the 64 pads and the Drum Rack capabilities. However you can use any pad based midi controller.


Even though this was made for Ableton Live you can pillage the sample folder and grab all the audio files we created for this pack to use in your fave DAW.


Custom made by the Beat Drop team with all original and custom sounds recorded from scratch.


64 PAD Sample Pack made special for the Ableton Push


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Grime Pack

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