Music Fundamentals

Learn the building blocks of music - beats, melody, harmony and chords for the modern day producer.


Take a high-level approach to music with frequent opportunities to delve deeper into specific concepts. Learn about Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, and Bass.

Introduction and Big Picture Concepts

Learn about Pulse, Beat, Rhythm, Tempo, and the ABC's & 123's of Pitch.

The Division of Time and Building a Solid Foundation

Learn about the Power of 2's and 3's and the Principles of Bass.

Chords & Scales

Learn how to build Chords from the Root up, Introduction to Scales, Sub-Scales and Modes.

More on Chords and Arpeggios

Learn about Solid Chords, Broken Chords, Arpeggios. You will also cover Variation, Interest and Style.

Relative Scale Theory

Learn about Relative Scale Theory and Chord Changes.

Voices and More on Variation, Interest, and Style

Learn to Understand the Importance of Voices. You will also cover more on Variation, Interest, and Style.

Intuitive Intervals and Beyond the Root

How to make any instrument sing with Intuitive Intervals, and going beyong the Root.

7th's and Extension Chords, and Complexity

Learn about 7th's and Extensions and Deconstructing & Constructing Complexity

Backbone of a Song, and an Introduction to Transposition

Learn the Backbone of a Song, and an Introduction to Transposition - Playing in Any Key.

Harmony from Melody, Lines, Riffs & Licks

Learn all about the Harmony from a Melody as well as Lines, Riffs, and Licks.

Inspiration, Grounding and Movement Chords

Learning Extra Inspiration and using Grounding Chords, and Movement Chords.

Big Picture Concepts and Looking Ahead

Looking back at the Big Picture Concepts, and Looking Ahead to EMC.

"Music Fundamentals is a fast way to learn basic music theory."


"To run you must walk, to be the next big thing you must know the fundamentals of music and this course will teach you to walk."


"“This course has helped me over come walls that have held me back and I feel excited about the future. Music Fundamentals has changed my perspective on music."


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