Making money, building a brand and understanding how today's music industry works


Each month in our Private Facebook Group we will host (Premium Members Only) a live masterclass with today's top industry leaders in the electronic music business. Topics will include:

Spotify and Streaming

Learn all about Streaming Services and how to get your music onto online platforms like Spotify and more

Building a Brand

Learn about building a Brand as an artist or musician, and how to market yourself in today's Music Industry

Royalties and PRO's

Learn about Performance Right's Organizations (PRO's) such as SOCAN, BMI & ASCAP, and how Royalties work in the Music Business world.

How to create an EPK

How to create an Electronic Press Kit, how to make it shine and stand out from all the others.

Creating a following

Learn how to create a following in a world of technology and social media.

Social Media Do's and Don'ts

Discover the Do's and Don'ts with Social Media, learn how to engage with your audience, discover how to read & understand analytics, and more.

Do I need a manager/agent?

What is the role of a Manager? An Agent? What do they do? Learn all about duties and responsibilities of each role.

Publishing and Masters

Learn all about Publishing in the Music Industry and how it can benefit you as an Artist. Learn about your Master tracks and who has ownership.

Touring 101

Discover what it takes to plan, set up and promote a Tour. How to navigate through road blocks while on Tour, and more.

Other Income Streams

Learn how to tap into other Income Streams and how to create an revenue flow.

Alternative Music Careers

Learn about all of the other available careers in Music, their roles in the industry, and their tasks & responsibilities.

Mechanical and Sync

Mechanical and Sync licenses are some of the most lucrative in an artist revenue stream. What are they and how to get them.

"Music Business is a great course to push you in the right direction when it comes to networking, event planning and utilizing social media to expand your music. It's necessary for any developing producers or dj's looking to take the steps towards furthering and establishing yourself online and within the community."

Shannon H

"One of the best classes at beat drop. I would recommend it to any Dj/Producer who wants to learn how to market themselves better."

Jackson G

"This class was awesome. I have a much larger understanding and of what happens behind the scenes of the music industry. Everything from getting a agent and making money to doing a full tour. Also, the guests Paul brings in are the best! Getting to talk to industry professional like this is priceless. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to turn there passion of music into something profitable or just have a better understanding about the music industry in general."

Jarvis C

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