Mixing & Mastering

Create mixes that sound clearer, punchier, louder and more dynamic.


Discover things like: how to properly set up your studio, ideal mix levels and gain staging, beginner and advanced EQ / Compressor and FX techniques, as well as mastering methods along the way to get your tracks competing with the Pros.

Your Mix Environment

Learn how to create a great mix environment, Studio Acoustics, Sound Pressure Level (SPL), how to make your own Basstraps, and how to use them.

Digital Audio Fundamentals

Learn how to listen analytically using Deep Listening, learn about Digital Audio Fundamentals, Bit Depth, Fourier Transforms, Hz, and Sample Rate Conversion.

Gain Staging, Decibels, Peak vs RMS and more

Learn what internal levels you should mix at using Gain Staging, how to maximize headroom, Peak vs RMS, Noise Floor Clipping, and more.

Compression Basics, Subgroups, Dynamic Range

Learn the basics of using Compressors, Dynamic Range, and learn about Subgroups and how to use them.

More on Compressors

Learn about the Compressor types, techniques, and when to use them.

Advanced Dynamics and Compression

Go deeper into Dynamics and Compression. You will cover Upwards vs Downwards Compression, Upwards vs Downwards Expansion, and Parallel Compression.

Frequency Range, How EQ's actually work, Filters for fun

Learn about Sidechaining, Multiband Compression, and how EQ's actually work. You will also cover Low Pass/High Pass Filters for fun and profit.

Filters and EQ's

Learn about Shelving Filters and Peak/Notch Filters. Discover the pros and cons of Digital EQ, and learn more about Linear vs Minimal Phase EQ.

Stereo Imaging, Panning, Mid/Side Processing

Learn about Stereo Imaging & Balance, using proper Panning Techniques, how to make things sound wide with Mid/Side Processing, and using Correlation Meters & Vectorscopes

Delay, Flanger, Phase, Chorus and Reverb

Learn all about uses for Delay, you will also cover Flangers, Phasers, Chorus and Reverb, Reverb Parameters & Settings, and techniques.

Distortion, Overdrive and Saturation

Learn more about Distortion - The good kind. You will also cover Saturation, Overdrive, and Exciters/Enhancers.

Fundamentals of Mastering

You will learn about Mastering techniques and concepts such as EQ Matching, Dithering, and tips to follow.

"If you want to learn a holistic approach to mixing and start making your tracks sound better instantly, take this course!"

Luke S

"This class was great. I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in production or is already producing and wants to make their music better. The instructor is great and full of knowledge. I feel it has really helped me with my production so I'm sure it will for you too!"

Greyson E

"This course gives you the tools you need to polish your music so it sounds closer to studio quality."

Juan V

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