Making Electronic Music can be complicated, we make it easy for you to make the music that you've always wanted to.

Stop wasting your time

A clear roadmap for beginners and intermediate producers.

Are you tired of surfing Youtube for hours and hours and not finding what you need?

Do you lack time in your day because of a job, family or other responsibilities?

Is technology stopping you from getting your ideas out?

Do you struggle starting your tracks?

Do you lack money to purchase the software and hardware you need?

Are you curious how you can make money with your music?

Is getting your music mixed and sounding like the pros, your goal?

The 5 Fundamentals

Learn the foundations of today's modern electronic music.

Ableton Live

As an Ableton Certified Training Centre we know how to teach producers how to get the most out of today's industry standard for production and live performance. With over 20 hours of Ableton training we walk you from zero to hero.


Understanding how to create your own sounds (sound design) is vital to standing out from the crowd. After our course you'll be able to walk up to any hardware or software synthesizer and know how to bend it to your will.

Music Fundamentals

Get your ideas out quicker and more effectively. Understanding how notes, chords and melody work together to create music that is memorable and powerful. Stop getting stuck in the song creation process.

Everything you need in one place

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing down your tracks and making them sound professional is the final stage in the process. Learn the tools that will make your tracks hit hard. Stop being afraid of sharing your music and have confidence to show your tunes to others. 

Music Business

Are you looking to create income streams for your music and brand? Learn how artists are making money with our monthly Live Music Business Masterclasses. Premium Members Only.

Students consistently overestimate how much they can achieve in one week… but drastically underestimate how much they can achieve within a year with the right guidance and support.


Professional instruction from real artists who understand how to teach and breakdown music concepts. Ableton Certified Training Centre.


Being a producer is expensive. Get 10% off any hardware and up to 50% off software. Ableton, Fab Filter, SoundToys and so much more.


We offer yearly access to all of our incredible content, called our Premium Membership. Payment Plans are also available!



You have nothing to worry about. We offer full refunds up to 30 days after purchase.


Monthly Masterclass broadcast live in our private Beat Drop student Facebook group from our incredible team of professional musicians and producers.


Interact with serious students who are wanting to take their productions to the next level, while hearing from professionals on the Beat Drop team.


With over 80 hours of content and more being added all the time, we provide all you need to know when starting out as a producer.

Ableton Live Core I

20+ hours of content - Learn to produce, create, sound design, arrange and finish your tracks in today's standard for music production.


Ableton Live Core II

7+ hours of content - Advanced production workflow. Exploring Instruments, midi and audio effects, finishing with performing live with Live.



17+ hours of content - Learn the fundamentals of creating the sounds you love with vintage and modern day hardware and software.


Mixing & Mastering

8+ hours of content - Learn the tools of EQ, compression, panning, gain staging, and basics of mastering your tracks.


Music Fundamentals

9+ hours of content - Learn the building blocks of music - beats, melody and harmony for the modern day producer.


Music Business

How do you make money in today's industry? Learn how to do it from successful artists and industry pros.


$100 Ableton Coupon

Premium members get $100 towards their favourite live pack or software instrument or M4L device from the Ableton Shop.

Sample Packs

Beat Drop has created incredible sample packs that will help you get inspired. Includes all future Sample Packs and Preset Packs.


Mini Courses

From Push Core I ($499 value) to Ableton Wavetable Synthesis, to Future Bass Synthesis, we include more than the fundamentals.


"Because of what I have learned at Beat Drop I have been able to finish tracks that I am very happy with. It has made me more confident about sharing my music and connecting with people over it. I feel more inspired about creating and more efficient in my process."

Renald Qereshniku

"Awesome, down to earth and inspiring to be around. One of the best experiences of my life."

Brendan Beach

"Beat Drop has made me passionate and motivated about producing music, as well as teaching me a ton about Ableton Live. The instructors are dedicated to their craft and it shows in their teaching."

Joel Fortowsky

100% Money Back Guarantee

If after learning with us for 30 days you aren't thrilled with the instruction and value you are getting we will return your money, no questions asked.

*Ableton Live 10 Suite - $449 

Beat Drop students can purchase Live 10 for a discounted price of $449 USD regularly $799 USD . As a Ableton Certified Training Centre our students qualify to get educational pricing and can save $350 USD.

If you are looking to test the waters with Ableton Live and don't want to purchase Suite then we sell Live Intro at a heavily reduced price. Email us for details.

* Not included in the membership

As an Ableton Certified Training Centre our professional instructors know how to break down technical concepts into pieces that are easy to understand and apply.

What Students are Saying

"I have been an amateur beat maker for three years now. I have been producing on Maschine but all the while knew it would be advantageous to learn Ableton knowing the workflow is more conducive for arranging and mixing strategies.  I was intimidated to learn Ableton on my own and have never really taken the initiative to push through learning it. I finally took the plunge and took a course (Ableton Core I) knowing the reputation of the teachers and its curriculum. I have successfully completed the class and I can confidently say that I can execute the techniques and skills that were taught. If there is anyone like me that is intimidated to try new gear or software Beat Drop is the place for you. Take a class and get information that will help you produce, create and go to a new level with you art." - Mark Cruz



Can I cancel my account?

Yes, it’s easy and convenient to cancel your account! In fact, we have one-click cancellation process, or you can also call our support system at +1 403-402-2893 or email us at [email protected] to cancel. We also offer 100% money back guarantee for any reason at all within the first 30 days of your first payment.

Why is this course limited?

We’re limiting the amount of producers who join Beat Drop, because we know how important it is to support the producers who really want to learn. We have limited space in our private live masterclass sessions and want to provide the best experience possible.

What skill level does Beat Drop cater towards?

Our focus is on complete beginners to intermediate producers who have been struggling for years. 

What genre of music does Beat Drop teach?

Beat Drop focusses on fundamentals that will translate to any genre of music. Every 6 months there is a favorite genre of electronic music and we do not chase those fads. While we use genres as examples to teach a skill or technique we do not focus on creating a certain genre. 

What if I don't own Ableton Live?

No problem, because Beat Drop is an Ableton Certified training center our students get up to 50% off Ableton Live Suite ($449 USD). If you can't afford Suite right away you purchase Live Intro from us for $49 USD. 

What version of Ableton Live do you teach with?

Our courses and content is created with Live 9 and Live 10. Content is compatible with the latest version of Live (v10).

Can I upgrade to Premium later on?

Unfortunately this is only a one time offer and open for a limited time.

Confidently learn at your own speed, zero experience required.


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