Are you a producer who wants to  sound unique, to make your music stand out and sound professional? You need to learn how to make your own sounds.


Ableton Certified Instructor

Taught by Isaac Cotec an Ableton Certified Instructor and travelling producer and performer and an incredible communicator.

Easy to follow

Take this course in an afternoon and learn to create your own sounds that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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Learn on your mobile device or computer, and have access to this content 24/7!!

Who's this course for?

  • Ableton Live 10 Users
  • Producers wanting to understand wavetable synthesis
  • Beginners and Intermediate Producers who want to create unique sounds with wavetable synthesis



Isaac Cotec started producing electronic based music in 2005, working with the science and research of binaural beats, and altering consciousness through sounds. Isaac Cotec continued writing music under the alias Cotec and later emerged as the artist Subaqueous. As Subaqueous, he blends his electronic past with future and past organic production techniques and, to date, has released 5 albums and 6 EPs. Through he shares his knowledge and gives away instruments he custom-built for his own music. His website now hosts complex MIDI packs, free Ableton Live resources, articles on production techniques, and more. Isaac Cotec is the founder and manager of the record label Invibe Music, representing some of the Pacific Northwest’s best electronic music.


"Hi, I'm Filippo from Italy, the course is well explained and it covers all the various aspects of Wavetable. There are also videos that explain the creation of various interesting patches. I recommend this course for those who want to learn quickly how to use Wavetable."

Filippo Sandrini


Wavetable synthesis is a very popular form of sound design and learning it can help you create unique music regardless of genre.


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