Workflow, Song Structure, Arrangement, Instruments, and Effects


Ableton Live Core II continues on where Ableton Live Core I ended. It is designed to dig deep into all that Suite has to offer. From arranging and song structure to techniques and advanced production workflow to Ableton's instruments, midi and audio effects finishing with performing live with Live.

Recording Audio

Learn how to record audio, sample from the internet, learn hardware set up, and advanced preferences

Creative Resampling

Learn about creative audio editing, resampling, editing in arrangement view, and creative warping

Audio to MIDI

Learn how to convert audio to MIDI, sampling from an external source, harmony/melody/drums to MIDI, and advanced automation.

Advanced Drum Racks

Go in depth with drum racks, drum processing, and drum rack templates

Advanced Racks

Get in deep with advanced instrument racks, multiband processing, 3rd party plugins and racks

Advanced Arrangement Techniques

Learn about Track Analysis, Remixing your own songs, and learn about controllers.

Launching Modes

Learn to get creative with Live Performance techniques, dummy clips, follow actions, FX, and more on controllers.

Max for Live

Get an introduction to Max for Live, learn about useful Max for Live Devices, and get an introduction to Programming with Max.

Your Library

More on Max for Live, learn how to create your own Sample Packs, saving presets, and learn some best practices.

Live Performance

Go through a Live Performance Bootcamp, learn how to prepare Live templates, advanced warping, deal with tempo changes and learn how to set Cue Points.

All About MIDI

Learn about User vs Native Mappings, go on a LaunchPad Pro & Push 2 tour, and learn to capture MIDI signals to and from an external device or instrument.

Link & Rewire

Learn about Link, Rewire, Master vs Slave, learn about the Pros and Cons of Rewire, workflow tips, Logic & Ableton, and Reason & Ableton.

"Great place to learn, knowledgable and the enthusiasm of the teachers is great. You get to know Ableton systems really well and giving you lots of ideas to explore on your own. Thanks"

Danny H

"Great Course. I feel more confident using Live's tools. My work flow has gotten better. Will definitely take more courses at Beat Drop."


"Challenging, fun, and exciting. If you consider yourself an up and coming artist / DJ this program is a must. Learn to create different remixes of your favorite tunes and take the first steps to becoming an original music producer."

Ty J

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