Program, Sound Design, Arrange and Finish Tracks


Ableton Live Core I was created by Ableton Certified Trainer Mitch Lee

Geography of Live

Geography of Ableton Live 9. We will cover Session View, Arrangement View, files structure and key Ableton concepts.

Drum Programming

Drum Programming. We will cover Simpler, Sampler, Impulse, Drum Racks, MIDI Clips, and Sequencing.

Warping 101

Learn about Warping, Warp Modes & Commands, Sound Design with Warping, and the 1-minute Warp technique.

Recording Audio

Learn how to record external synthesizers, guitar and vocals in Ableton Live.


Learn how to record Automation, draw Automation and how create movement. 

Synthesis 101

Introduction to Simpler, Sampler, and Operator. We also cover ADSR Envelopes, Filters & Voices.

Synthesis 102

Dive deeper into Operator, introduce the use of MIDI Effects and how to create synthesizer patches.

Instrument Racks

Learn all about Instrument Racks, dissect & understand them, and create your own.

Audio & MIDI Effect Racks

Learn all about Audio and MIDI Effect Racks as well as Insert vs Return tracks, and their uses.

Arrangement 101

Discover Tetris Style Arrangement, Key Mapping, and how to record & edit your Arrangement.

Arrangement 102

Discover how to use stems and Remix Packs in Ableton Live.

Mixing & Output

An introduction to Mixing and Final Output. Learn about EQing, Compression, Distortion, and other common devices.

"I knew that production was the next step in my music career if I eventually want to be travelling/touring the best way to get your name out there is to be producing your own sound. I had heard about Beat Drop and had been watching the website for over a year. Taking the plunge was the best thing I ever could have done. I feel competent and ready to take on more classes!"

Chelsea M

"This course, through Beat Drop, will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. You will leave this course having the confidence to create and express your art. Coming into this course with ZERO knowledge in Ableton, I've graduated with full assurance that I can complete a finished piece of art that is ready for commercial exposure."

Tim O

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